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No surprises. A subscription covers everything Energy Quantified provides for your power market: Forecasts for spot prices, fundamentals, hydrology, REMIT, imbalance, weather as well as our entire archive of historical data, seasonal normals and more.
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Base price and first user starts at 100 €/month. Each additional user at 95 €/month.

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Areas and products

Pricing is individual per product.

Power: Power-related data provided for the given area except end of day prices. OHLC: Closing prices (end of day prices) from exchanges for power, gas and fuel futures, as well as short-run marginal costs (SRMC), clean dark- and spark spreads.

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Local analysis

Forecasts for specific geolocations.

Includes access to multiple forecasts of all weather and indices of fundamentals, seasonal normals and simulated historical data.

With a sample of your data we also provide forecasts for your consumption/production units. On top of that, we simulate historical data and provide seasonal normals. All in the time step you prefer.

Choose your areas of interest

Tailor-made to your specifications, location, type of variables and resolution.

  • Fixed pricing for per local area of interest
  • Free test of quality, and no startup or processing costs
  • Data repository, API and Excel integrator included

Input to PPA's

Using an up-to-date climate dataset with the most recent 40 weather years, EQ simulates the expected output from wind- and solar parks in your preferred time steps.

Check the fundamental climate and its proceeds.

  1. Simulate the volume volatility
  2. Couple it to future price paths and have the future income volatility simulated
  3. Couple this info to the your areas fundamental volatility and see the complete picture
Know the expected output, volume and income volatility before you invest

Tailor-made to your specifications.

  • Fixed pricing for your project
  • Discounts for new simulations within 12 months if you need to make changes
  • Data repository and/or delivery in Excel or CSV format

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